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Der nächste Call startet Ende Mai 2022. Das UND#12 erscheint Anfang Juni 2022.

Open Call #12 – Davon kann man leben!
Kunst, Kultur und Literatur sind relevant. Das würden wohl viele so unterschreiben. Aber wie, wo und in welcher Relation? Wir wollen wissen, welchen Stellenwert dieses Dreigespann in deiner Gesellschaft hat. Kommen sie gleich nach Brot und Bier oder sind sie geistiger Luxus? Sind sie verboten oder gar lebensgefährlich? Erzählt uns von eurem Alltag im Kulturbetrieb! Was macht ihr da und warum eigentlich?  Ist es möglich, den (Mehr-)Wert von Kunst und Kulturprojekten zu bemessen, ihn abzubilden oder greifbar zu machen? Wo finden Kunst und Kultur heute statt? Sind sie schon längst in den digitalen Raum übersiedelt? Was müssen, sollen, wollen und können sie? Gebt uns einen Einblick, zeichnet einen Ausblick!

Einreichfrist: 28. Feber 2022

english version:
Topic: It’s a living!

Art, culture, and literature are relevant. We might as well agree on that. But how, where, and in what relation to each other? We want to find out about the relative importance of this triad in society. Do they come right after bread and beer, or are they a mere luxury of the mind? Are they forbidden or even dangerous to life? Go tell us about your everyday life in the cultural sector. What do you do, and why actually? Can we assign art and art projects a proper (surplus) value, display their value, or even give it tangible form? Where do art and culture take place today? Did they move to the digital space long ago? What is it they want to do and what can, must, and what should they do?
Deadline: February 28th 2022
UND#12 is going to be released in June 2022.

Richtlinien Open Call

A topic for each issue of UND magazine is announced in an open call, and we gather any relevant material you come up with in response. We provide you with editing, layout, graphics, and proofreading – you creative, motivated people provide us with content.

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Instagram or Facebook address (if existing): Since UND magazine is meant to be a network for creative people, we communicate on its contents and contributors via social media too. Should that not meet your expectations, please give us a heads-up

The decision about which of the submitted works will be published is made in several jury sessions, which are attended by the editorial team and some ever-changing external members. Proximity to the topic of the current issue is one important selection criterion. However, the selection is not solely based on “qualities” regarding content and/or style, but it is also about covering a variety of types of images and texts as wide as possible, as well as different perspectives on the respective topic of the issue.

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After selection, we proofread and edit your text. And we apply norms of gender-inclusive language where suitable (which does not apply to short stories, poetry, or other fictional text types). Should this be contrary to your intentions, please give us a heads-up!